If there is anything good in this merciless world, then it is nothing but holidays. It could be travelling to distant locations, or your neighboring city, or the nearest beach, or a hill station that you have been planning to visit. It could be anywhere and everywhere you can reach. Just pack your bags and set off, this time how about travelling to an exotic beach? Some of the Coolum beach holiday apartment accommodations are tempting enough to make plans.

Coolum is a beautiful town along a beach on the Sunshine Coast, making it one of the most popular places in Queensland. People craving for unique holiday destinations in Australia, mostly end up visiting this place time and again. A picturesque town it is!

Coolum beach holiday apartment accommodations Safety Hacks

A great hotel multiplies the joy of a good destination; similarly a not-that-good accommodation can actually make it a completely unpleasant experience. When staying at hotels, irrespective of the kind of hotel – good or bad, make sure to check a few things to ensure there is no camera watching you. This would ensure that there is no breach of privacy in your holiday apartment. Let’s check out some smart ways to look for a camera in your space.

  • Carefully move around the room and check the possible and even difficult places where a camera can be fixed. Users generally will not install camera which can be easily found. But still, little bit of searching never hurts.
  • If there is a motion-sensitive camera in your room then it will make a clicking or buzzing sound. So pay attention to check for such sounds. Shut down all other noises and inspect if you can hear such sounds.
  • For increased accuracy at camera detection you can also use a professional signal detector.
  • Check if the mirror in your room is a genuine mirror or a two-way mirror. Turn off the lights and see if you can see anything on the other side of the mirror, or you can see through the mirror. If yes, then it is a two-way mirror.

With these tips you would surely enjoy your hotel stay because things are pleasant when there is no threat to your safety or privacy.